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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Freeze to Death or Be Somewhere Safe With More Problems

In the book Firstlife Ten has just escaped from the “prison” that she was at that is meant for forcing kids that are sent there by their parents to sign with the realm that their parents want them to side with. For Ten her parents want her to side with Myriad. But when Ten escapes she doesn’t know what’s out there. It turn out to be snowing so forty percent of the people that escaped with Ten died from the cold. She then finds her friend Bow and together they travel as far as they can until Ten can’t take it any longer and passes out. That’s when my timer buzzed to tell me that I needed to stop reading and write this. I think that when Ten wakes up she will find herself deserted and still in the snow or somewhere safe and not snowy, so probably out of wherever they are so that Ten and the other characters will face more problems there that will help develop the story that the author has made. Well, I can’t find out for sure until tomorrow I hope that it’s at least something close to my prediction.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Weird Placement...

I'm still reading Firstlife and what I want to talk about is something that confuses me. So at the beginning of the book the first ten pages consist of messages between characters that haven’t even been in introduced, so when I was reading it I became really confused on even what they were talking about and why it helped develope the story. It’s not that I’m not confused anymore it’s just that I’m far enough into the book now where the messages kind of make sense. Like now I know that the messages were about how these people called Laborers who are trying to convince Ten to join one of the two realms. But the thing that I still don’t get is why the author decided to put those messages at the beginning of the book and confuse  readers and make them stop reading the book or become less interested in it. I don't know maybe the author's reasoning will pop up later in the book.

Why the Giver Movie is Better Than the Book (819 words)

The first time I read this book I really liked it, but when I watched the movie I liked it even more. The fact that I actually like the movie better is shocking to both my parents and I because normally I can make a very solid argument on why the book is way better than the movie but this time I can’t help but like the movie better. The three reasons why I like the movie better is because, firstly, in the movie you’re actually seeing more adventure, some suspense, and a little bit of humor. Secondly,  you get a better introduction into Rosemary and how they tie those emotions into the movie while the book barely talks about Rosemary. Lastly at the beginning of the movie words appear on the screen that say “All memories of the past were erased” which makes you get a better sense of why they needed to create the community and other important details about it.

My first reason on why the movie is better than the book is because the movie adds in more adventure into the story. Take the scene where Jonas takes Gabe from the nurturing center the movie expanded more on that while the book just skipped right over to Jonas having Gabe already. Another example of adventure shown in the movie would be when Jonas and Gabe are trying to get to the boundary of memory but encounter Asher’s drone. Them running from Asher’s drone creates more excitement but it also shows you how Jonas had an impact in his friend’s life that caused Asher to let him go. My last example is when Jonas and Fiona reenact the sledding scene not only does it add more adventure into the movie but it also makes you realize that people wouldn’t do that normally and that Jonas is again making an impact in his friend’s life.

My second reason is that the movie gives you a better introduction to Rosemary and how the giver feels about her which ties in with Jonas learning about true emotions and the scene where the giver transmits to Jonas his first memory of music which gives up more perspective. The scene where Rosemary is a hologram playing the piano is where Jonas learns that you can also feel sadness and loss for someone but not as tiny feelings but as deep emotions. Rosemary’s name later pops up in the scene where Fiona is about to be released and the giver and chief elder are talking which gives you a sense of how the chief elder neglects those emotions that the giver has even though she felt something for Rosemary too and how the giver doesn’t see love as just a word but as an emotion, he tries to explain to Jonas’ mother too.  =
The Giver: Her name was Rosemary. She was my daughter. I loved her.
Chief Elder: Precision of language.
The Giver: Haha! Could not be more precise.

My last reason is that the movie explains more about the community and what happened before and a little bit of information on why the community is the way it is, at the beginning of the movie words appear on the screen that say “All memories of the past were erased” Jonas then states “After The Ruin we started over, creating a new society, one of true equality. Rules were the building blocks of that equality. We learned them as Newchildren. Rules like: use precise language, wear your assigned clothing, take your morning medication, obey the curfew, never lie.” This makes you get a better sense of why they needed to create the community, supposedly they had to start over from ruin, why the giver has the memories, because the past was too painful and they needed to prevent what ever happened from happening again by enforcing rules and having one person hold all of the memories of the past to have them advise so these things wouldn’t happen again.

Even though I really like the book the movie just added more to the story itself that actually turned out really good for example these are the three reasons why is like the movie better than the book.. Firstly, in the movie you’re actually seeing more adventure, some suspense, and a little bit of humor. Secondly, you get a better introduction into Rosemary and how they tie those emotions into the movie while the book barely talks about Rosemary. And lastly at the beginning of the movie words appear on the screen that say “All memories of the past were erased” which makes you get a better sense of why they needed to create the community and other important details about it. I can’t change my mind now I just love the movie so much and that doesn’t happen often. But think about it on your own you may have a different opinion.

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Two Afterlifes...nah

The book that I am now reading is called Firstlife by Gena Showalter. In the book you have two lives the first one on Earth and the second one depending on your choice of the realms which is either Troika or Myriad. But if you don’t choose you end up in Many Ends which is basically a realm of torture that you live in until you die and either fuse with another soul to make up someone else(sorta like reincarnation) according to Myriad or you just die and don’t come back according to Troika because you are your own person and the choices you make are important but they are also your choices. The conflict so far in the book is between Ten (Tenley) Lockwood and both realms who in the meantime are trying to convince her to side with one of them. The problem for Ten is that she can’t decide between the two and as far as I can tell her opinions are very split between the topics discussed by the two realms. I have no clue how the author came up with this imaginative universe because it’s so interesting, she basically created her own two religions/cultures. I don’t know how she does it and how she got this brilliant idea but I’m really enjoying the book.
Here are some different opinions on important topics of the realms =

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Walking Into the Past

My grandma, Gundi Nemling, or what I call her Oma was cleaning the downstairs bathroom. “Hey Oma I was wondering if I could do an interview with you for my English class.” She turned around with a bright smile on her face. “Oh okay, let’s set up a time.” “Okay” I said. ‘What about 5:45” she suggested “Okay sounds good” I replied. At 5:45 I met my Oma upstairs in the kitchen even though my aunts were visiting and dinner was being cooked I asked my Oma my five questions and she answered them with ease and description which made this kinda hard to write down but eventually we finished and went back to helping my family make dinner.

My Oma has short, thin, mouse brown hair that falls into place after she shakes her head. Her eyes are sharp like those of a cat, but the color of her eyes are like her coffee brown but coffee with a good amount of milk that makes them look very creamy brown. Her nose is long and pointy and from her dad’s side of the family and that’s where my dad get’s his nose and where I kinda get mine from. Her skin is speckled with brown dots from sensitive skin. And she has long legs that tend to run in the family too. But her sharp eyes are those that can be also very understanding but also since her eyes are so sharp she notices almost everything from body language and attitude to a little thing out of place in a room.

(Q1) What was your earliest/ favorite memory of your home?

That when I was younger than you I would run around my grandfather’s garden. Even though my grandfather was a dentist like my father he still had this big garden that was filled with all of my favorite fruits. But I would run around and end up eating so much fruit and berries that I wouldn’t be that hunger at dinner. He had strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, apricots, peaches, and plums in his garden. And every time we visited my grandfather it was my favorite because I was just so happy there and everything that I loved was in that garden.

(Q2) Where did you first want to go when you came to America and why?   
I met a man that was coming to the US at his cousin’s bonfire party. And I ended up marrying that man. At the time I just knew the cousin as Wolfe and not as Ingo’s cousin. It was the first time I met Ingo and Wolfe introduced me to him there. Somehow I ended up visiting him at the hospital when they found he had type two diabetes and he couldn’t work for the Navy any more. I don’t know why I visited him because I just met him. And when I was comforting him and holding his hand at the hospital I asked myself What are you doing?!? (laugh) And when he told me that he was going to the US and that he would be gone for a year I didn’t know what to think. So a year later when he said that he was going to stay longer I went over there myself. And met him at San Francisco where he drove me to his older cousin Rene’s house. So I didn’t really want to go anywhere besides where Ingo was.  

(Q3) While you were in Austria what sounded the most exciting about America?
I heard that the US was the land of opportunity from some people but others that I was closer to told me that the US had no health insurance so people were dying on the streets. That was what made me worry and not so sure about America. Most people in Europe at the time didn’t like the idea of the US at least in Austria and a couple other countries in Europe. So I wasn’t excited about America until I ment Ingo and decided to go other there to find him.

(Q4) What was/is your favorite thing about europe?

Umm, most likely the quaintness of the towns and streets that I grew up in, everything there was close together and small and not so big and overwhelming, and since I grew up with those small towns that’s partially why we decided to stay here with Richard when he had you. The food was also very good that’s why I kept making it for my kids and for you. And the people that lived there were also very nice… most of the time (we both laugh).

(Q5) What is your favorite family tradition and why?

Probably, no, definitely christmas because that’s when everybody
comes, all the family is here and everyone is here in a good mood. And we all cook together as a whole family and we make that great feast every year that everyone enjoys eating because this is a Nemling family and we all enjoy eating (we both laugh). Just the fact that Tina and Kris(my aunts), and Dante Marina(my great aunt), and you, and your dad are here all together with me and your Opa makes me very happy and that’s also why Christmas is my favorite holiday and it has always been even when I was your age. I still celebrated with the same traditions that we do now like lighting the candles on the tree, and putting sweets on it too but I just celebrated with my sisters and oma and opa and my parents but it still made me happy and to me it’s the most wonderful time of the year.

After interviewing my Oma I know realize some things. If my Oma had never met my Opa’s cousin Wolfe the Wolfe would never have gotten to introduce her to my Opa but my Oma still met my Opa but my Opa just wanted to stay in Austria then my dad would’ve never met my mom and had me. But let’s say Opa did want to go to America and Oma went with him but didn’t like it and came back to Europe then they wouldn't have had my dad and aunt. And thinking about this made me realize that there were so many decisions that my Oma made and thankfully she deside those ways because if not I may not have even been born.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Why Is Swimming Good For You?

I have decided to write about swimming but maybe dreams later on, but today I'm sticking with swimming. I also have an interesting fact to tell. But only people that have swam as a work out know this interesting fact.

Swimming has been proven to be one of the healthiest maybe even the healthiest sport there is.

The top fact for swimming that makes it so healthy is that swimming move your whole body against the resistance of the water. In other words it is a very low impact sport. And by that I mean that too much impact on your body can cause lots of strain on your body and it may even wear down your muscles. For example running and football are high impact sports. But let's get on to the swimming.
On the first site I look at for swimming it said that swimming is a good all-round activity because it:
  1. keeps your heart rate up and takes some of the impact stress off of your body
  2. builds endurance and muscle strength
  3. is good for your heart and lungs
  4. provides a workout that uses nearly all of your muscles

The site also said that swimming has many other benefits including:
  1. being a relaxing and peaceful
  2. lower stress
  3. improves coordination, balance, posture and flexibility
  4. being available in many places – you can swim in swimming pools, beaches, lakes, dams and rivers.
And on the second site I found it listed the top ten most healthy sports, swimming was the first one. The site included information like this
Swimming is an absolutely awesome sport for your heart. It also is a low-stress activity. It keeps you healthy, improves lung capacity, and builds muscles, in addition to that it also burns calories. But best of all, swimming can be done at anytime of year even if it's cold outside you can swim at an indoor pool. But some people who enjoy swimming want to take it to a competitive level. This can provide the health benefits of a hard workouts as well as the excitement of competition. All in all swimming is a good sport and if you ever try it or get back into it remember that swimming is a healthy activity that you can continue for a lifetime. And swimming is a low-impact activity that has many physical and mental health benefits.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Stars, WOW.....Hey Look It's AHHH SNAKE!

So today since I'm such a nerd *snicker* I have chosen to read, and write about stars! Yay! And for the week I have brought my friend Sam to help me blog! The blue writing will be Max typing *whispers* even though she can't type, she's a character from a book I read. Hello! :P I think the reason that Bella chose to read about stars is because she's a geek for 'Greek' mythology! ;D   
Haha yeah thanks Max. e_e I was just about to tell them that.  Your welcome!!!   Thanks o-o. Soooo moving on most of the stuff that I read was just review for me, sorry I'm not trying to brag I'm just a geek when it comes to this stuff, and I love learning more about it! Yeah I know most people don't even like History, but I do! I don't they're all dead anyway, like who even wants to listen about some dead people who made up stories and then got to name the stars? MEEEEE! Well I don't, I want to change what is happening right now, we need to stop global warming!! Not learn about other people who made stuff happen!  Can I just get on with summarizing what I read?! No! I want to talk about how the flock and I are going to save the world!  Ugh never mind. *shakes-head* *walks away*

Sorry about that! Now here is my Summary:
At the time of Homer, most of the constellations were not as any particular myth, hero, or god. They were instead known simply as the objects or animals which they represented for instance the Lyre a musical instrument (object), or the Ram(an animal). But by the 5th century B.C., most of the constellations had come to be associated with Greek myths.

Mythology, of course, influenced the naming of many objects in the night sky, not just the constellations. The planets all bear names from Roman mythology which reflect their characteristics: Mercury, named for the speedy messenger god, revolves fastest around the sun.Venus, named for the goddess of love and beauty, shines most brightly. Mars, named for the god of war, appears blood-red. Jupiter, named for the single most important god, is the largest planet in our solar system. Even the names of the Galilean moons of Jupiter are drawn from mythology. Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto were all desired, and taken by force by Jupiter. It is kind of ironic that the mythological characters, mythological women, that were pursued by the king of the gods now revolve around him. Though I think that is why the people who named the planets named them they way they did, because in the end everything was allowed to happen by the king of the gods: Zeus/Jupiter.

These were the big points in the website I read, it's real interesting and I can't wait to read more. Yayyyyyy! *smiles sarcasticly*